AYCD: All You Can Dance

alonzo king

Sort of on a whim, my dance friend and I rode into the city for an annual event at the Alonzo King LINES Dance Center. You pay $5 at the door, and then you’re free to take 30-minute classes in various styles of dance all afternoon. What a steal! If only this event was as often as every few months, I’d be so happy. In the four-ish hours we were there, we took:

  • advanced beginning ballet
  • beginning modern
  • advanced beginning modern
  • beginning hip hop
  • beginning jazz
  • intermediate contemporary

Ballet was pretty standard and served as my warm up.

In the modern classes, I learned to let my movements reflect in my whole body, as opposed to moving parts of myself in isolation.

I had wanted to try hip hop for a while now, but it’s so hard! I think I’m just not used to the movements and having to inject my own style and sass into each step. That and jazz were probably the most crowded of the classes, even though all of them were packed. I loved how in jazz (more like contemporary jazz?), the instructor had us envision a scenario in order to illustrate the emotion behind a certain step. That certainly helped me “get” the step faster, rather than solely copying the movement visually.

I was in over my head in intermediate contemporary, but had fun attempting the choreography.

For now, I’ll stick with taking ballet classes regularly, but when I move for medical school in a few months, perhaps I’ll pursue a new kind of dance!


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