Here come the secondaries

At noon, I checked my email, and boom, secondaries! I thought med school primary applications were going out to schools on July 2, but today works too. I got SUNY Downstate’s secondary and Mayo’s fee request, since they don’t have any essays. Who else wishes more med schools would screen their applicants before sending out secondaries? I know those essays give people a chance to show admissions committees what they’re all about besides scores, but it feels like such a drain of effort and money to prepare essays for schools that might disqualify an applicant based on their primary application alone. Oh well, I’d like to think that I would receive those secondaries, screen or no screen!

I’m actually pretty excited this is happening because the last few days have turned into me saying screw pre-writing! and watching the pilots of How I Met Your Mother and Friends to get away. On a more productive note, I finished Atul Gawande’s book, Being Mortal, which I want to talk about in a separate post. Now that secondaries are coming in, I feel like my work is the real deal, even though pre-writing is “real work” too. Wish me luck!


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