Chillage in the village

Hello from Yosemite! I’m at Curry Village on the wifi because the boyfriend’s family is watching the Blackhawks game. Typing from my phone is laborious, but I want to make a blog post because there will be too much to write about at the end of the week!

Yesterday, we stopped at Glacier Point and it was gorgeous! Last time we came here in March it was snowy, so it was closed. Seeing Half Dome from that angle was awesome.

Sadly, pictures are taking forever to upload so I’ll save them for later after the trip.

At night we made smores and turned in pretty early. This morning, we biked around the valley and stopped at Yosemite Falls. One thing about me is that I HAVE to jump in water if the chance comes up, so of course we climbed to the pool at the base of the falls after finding our way over a bunch of rocks and submerged ourselves in that icy icy water! I didn’t plan the correct attire for it and ended up with sopping wet denim shorts for the next hour. Womp womp. It was so worth it though and it’s really hot this week anyway.

We applied for Half Dome permits for Wednesday and find out tonight, so fingers crossed! Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow but every day spent in this park is bound to be amazing.


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