Since I’m out of town next week, I made up one of my ballet classes tonight. It was actually a pilates class, and once again, people are all on vacation or something because I ended up being the only one in class! My abs are going to be sore tomorrow. The class was a lot of laying on the mat and moving my upper body and legs around. For someone who hasn’t done a workout targeting my core for a long time, ouch. It was great to try something different with instruction, but if I were to add another class to my current 3x a week, I’d probably add a ballet class. Just because pilates on the mat is something I feel I could do with Youtube, but ballet mostly requires instruction.

My eyelids are starting to get heavy. I keep sleeping 6-7 hours a night these past two weeks, which is terrible because I LOVE my sleep and consistently got ~8 hours a night during college. Why, why, why? Too many distractions. It’s probably also because I end my days so late with ballet and other activities that I come home and want to do stuff for hours, when I really should go to bed. Goodnight everyone!

P.S. my life has evolved into making myself comfortable at the mall with my laptop  and essays and taking advantage of the free wifi in between work and other commitments. It’s like college minus the library!


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