This is going to be a fun week for my feet…

I took my first pointe class yesterday! In April, my teacher told me I could start pointe, which of course I was very excited about, but putting on my new shoes was a reality check. I was getting cramps in my arches and took it as a sign that I wasn’t ready, so into the closet my shoes went.

Last week, my teacher gave the go-ahead to another adult dancer to start pointe and asked me again when I would start. In his words, “How are you going to know if you’re ready if you don’t try?!” With that kind of encouragement, I decided to go for it, so I showed up to the adult beginner class yesterday. There was one other person who is more experienced en pointe, so it was basically a private class. Yay! Usually there are other attendees who are actual ballet beginners, hence the class name, but people are coming to class less often now that it’s summer.

The class itself was great! I didn’t have as much trouble at the barre as I expected. Barre was around 20 minutes, with focus on relevés from both feet in the different positions. We went through the regular order of combinations, but tailored to practice rising up en pointe.

One thing I realized is that it’s much easier for my foot to look sickled during tendus in pointe shoes, so I need to focus on beveling my feet. I also need to roll through demi-pointe more in relevé.

I attempted a little bit of centre with exceeding care, but stopped when my right big toe started to hurt during echappés. I think I need to cut my nail shorter, take it more slowly, or both. After putting on my soft shoes, I felt so light, it was funny.

In general, my feet feel pretty good after that class. No blisters yet! Unfortunately, I won’t have another pointe class for 2 weeks since I’m going to Yosemite next week!! Really hoping we get Half Dome permits in the daily lottery since we had no luck in the preseason one. Either way, my excitement level is through the roof! My feet are seriously working hard this week and next.

Since I’m gone starting Saturday, I’m making up a few classes this week, meaning 5 classes this week! Time to go get ready for class, in fact.


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