Too much fun the past week

I did not hike Cucamonga Peak last weekend, unfortunately. The Streetlight Manifesto concert ended around midnight, and my boyfriend and I decided we didn’t want to wake up super early the next day to start the hike. We did end up going to Eagle Rock in Topanga Canyon State Park which was fun! It was actually the first trail we ever went on together, but this time everything was dry and no one slipped and fell in the mud (this would be funny if it happened to me, but it was actually someone else in the group we went with haha). Eagle Rock vaguely looks like Pride Rock from the Lion King, don’t you think? Certainly feels like it when you’re up there!


Okay. So Streetlight Manifesto was AMAZING!! Somehow it was 10x better than the last time I saw them, which is unbelievable because I already loved that show. It was so crowded we couldn’t even reach the floor/pit before Streetlight’s set started, but once they went on, everyone started moving and we squeezed in. It was the first time I heard their song Point/Counterpoint played live. I think that was the first song of theirs I loved, and I remember being so disappointed that they didn’t play it when I saw them in 2011. What a noob I was…

My feet were sore from being jumped on even while wearing boots, my hip was bruised from accidentally hitting the railing, and my cheek hurt from banging into someone’s shoulder, but it was totally worth it. Until next time.


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