Throwing shade (on my eyelids)

Oh my goodness, I am on a roll right now with blogging. Please excuse.

In what was perhaps a subconscious ploy to put off working on my med school application last week, I started to play around with makeup. This desire probably stemmed from a few weeks ago at graduation, where I didn’t wear any eye makeup because I thought it was going to rain and had no waterproof makeup. Then I saw everyone else’s pictures where they looked ah-mazing (did anyone read the Clique series when they were younger? Just me? Yeah, they probably killed some of my brain cells), and I realized that I rarely take the opportunity to dress up/make up. I brought my heels to graduation and didn’t even end up wearing them because I didn’t want to switch from my flats. Now I wish I had worn them. Anyway, I’m going to play with make up so I actually know how to apply eye shadow if presented with an occasion!

I’ve been using the Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment and Walking on Eggshells trios.

I also curled my hair with my curling iron that I never use anymore, and my hair was ridiculously dry the next day. Probably going to continue keeping that at a minimum…


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