Going to celebrate with Chipotle…with guacamole

Primary Submitted

After reading over my app for the millionth time, I finally submitted! Yeah, that’s the reason I’ve been absent from here the past week. Every time I started to write a blog post, I’d tell myself that I should really be spending my limited energy for writing on the AMCAS! Anyhow, after a last minute addition of a work/activities entry that ended up being my 3rd most meaningful activity, my primary is in.

My advice for anyone working on their primaries right now is to look online at examples of the work/activities entries, personal statements, etc. Even yesterday I was making changes to my essays that I wouldn’t have thought about until I had looked at other people’s examples. My good friend let me read his work/activity entries from last cycle, and I realized that I wasn’t highlighting accomplishments enough, especially in regard to my descriptions of research funding awards. Of course, reading other people’s examples endlessly will start making you feel inadequate, but I certainly think looking at a few is helpful.

Also, I had ballet class last night for the first time in a week and two days yesterday and I am sore today! Almost as sore as after my solo hike on Saturday morning:

Dat unfiltered view

I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore! Time to start pre-writing secondaries…


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