Disappointed at myself that I’ve procrastinated to the max today on the AMCAS, but I’ll find my motivation again. I think part of my hesitation is because my university’s pre-health advisor finally emailed me back feedback on my personal statement…and there were SO many suggestions. Not just “be more specific” but huge, restructuring advice that would require me to upend my current draft to include all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate my advisor’s constructive criticism, and those more generalized suggestions are probably the most valuable input for my personal statement, but wow I have a lot of work ahead of me. I’ve always found editing essays to be a pain, so much so that in my second required writing class of college, I practically sacrificed my final grade because I couldn’t bring myself to make major, time-consuming changes to a previous paper for reevaluation.

In a way, I’m using this blog post as a warm up to work on my essays, even though it’s so late I’ll have to go to sleep soon. Usually, when I need to focus, I sit down somewhere quiet, plug in my earphones, and drink some caffeine. But motivation is still the most important ingredient, and I’m sorely lacking at the moment. Here’s hoping I’ll be reinvigorated soon.


One thought on “Help

  1. That’s how I felt last year. By no means, did I think I was the best writer, but I did not think I needed that much correction lol!

    I will say if my readers were not as honest with me, then this process would’ve been much more difficult. Without them, I would not have known the real reason why I want to pursue medicine.

    Good luck Melissa!


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