Somewhere in the between

Last night from 11pm to 2am and I churned out my “most meaningful activities” drafts for med school apps. They’re pretty short (1325 characters max each), but it took me a long time to perfect them, and they still need a few rounds of editing.

Also, I’ve just about finalized my school list! Thought I had a good school list going but realized I need to do more research. My problem was that the list had too many extremely competitive schools and not enough “good fit” schools, in my opinion. I have to tread carefully because my average research involvement could put me at a disadvantage for the more research-oriented top schools, even though my stats are on par with their admissions profiles. One thing for sure is that I’m applying to 30 schools, give or take a few. Back to the drawing board…

Ballet class tonight was quite a workout. We were doing a sequence at the barre with frappés and fondues on relevé, with 8 counts of passé relevé at the end. My leg was almost shaking and the arch of my standing foot was sore at the end of the 8 counts! I definitely need to build more strength in order to stay up longer.


3 thoughts on “Somewhere in the between

  1. I’m jealous that you’re entering the application process… As a freshman, I have a long way to go. 😛

    Frappes and fondues/passes on releve are killer! I’ve found that working with therabands regularly really help improve ankle strength though.


    1. I’ll have to use my theraband more, or get one of a higher resistance! And it’s great that you’re looking forward to it. Having all this time ahead of you just gives you a chance to prepare better.

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