Me last week
Me now

(Some lab equipment humor for everyone)

Graduation was more surreal than I thought it would be. When I left in December after having finished a semester early, it didn’t really feel like goodbye, because everyone else that I went to college with was still there. I didn’t even want to go to graduation at first because I felt like I was just totally over college. Now, it’s hit me that we really are all scattering. I know I’ll still see my good friends, especially the ones who are local, but for those who played a smaller part in my life, seeing them on graduation day was like saying goodbye forever.

However, graduation day also served as a reminder of how lucky I am to have attended school with so many amazing people. It’s truly humbling to see friends getting all sorts of awards from the university, and then remember that they’re still normal people and that they get your stupid sense of humor.

Finally, I have to announce that I ran into the Sexy Sax Man at da club after graduation. He was not hard to recognize.


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