After class exercises and stretches

Class went well today! I was able to really focus on articulating my movements during barre, since the combinations were slightly easier than usual and I didn’t have to use my brainpower to focus on remembering steps. Or maybe I’m getting better at remembering. Hopefully both! After class, I always feel the need to review what I did in class in order to hammer the corrections into muscle memory. The amount of hardwood space I have is small, but there’s enough to practice movements across the floor, even if I have to shuffle around a bit. Here’s a description of what I do after practicing class content:

  • Developpés front, side, back, and side with one hand on the counter, my makeshift barre.
  • Facing the counter, I brush my leg behind me as high as I can while still being upright and hold it there to build back strength.
  • Laying on my stomach, I try lifting my torso up with arms in second. I usually do this for 3 sets of 10 reps. In between sets, I’ll use a theraband to practice pointing my feet.
  • Then I do back stretches…
  • …and leg stretches for splits!

I’m grateful that I got my splits when I was younger (~13) because otherwise I’d be a lot less flexible right now. Working on my splits recently, I’ve noticed that it’s been harder to get them this time than when I was younger. I only wish that I had also worked on my back more as a young’un, because that thing is like a plank of wood! I probably won’t post until Sunday at least since I’ll be out of town for the next few days. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “After class exercises and stretches

  1. Your out of class work is great! I spend a lot of time stretching and strengthening as well. Unfortunately I was a sedentary and inflexible child. I’m now more flexible than I can ever remember! (Though it’s still a little sad)

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  2. I got my right splits when I was eleven. I actually forced them, but I’m hyperextended anyway so I didn’t tear anything. I couldn’t get my left splits until I started ballet at 21. But thank goodness for hypterextendedness! Yeah, it totally means I cheat.

    My back was the same way as well, a plank of wood. It took me about three years to get it to the point where I can almost bend myself backwards in half. It takes strength more than flexibility to be able to do that.


    1. My left split is more difficult too – I can occasionally reach the ground, but I have to be really warmed up. 😛 Does hyperextension help with splits? I feel like it’s actually more of a pain for me, since it puts stress on the ligament of my inner knee when I attempt the splits.

      Wow, that’s impressive! My goal is to be able to touch my head with my toes when I do the king cobra yoga pose. I’m so far away right now.


      1. Hyperextension helped me since your joints go beyond the normal range. I do have to be really careful when sliding down into a split, though, as that’s one of our exercises. We don’t just get into a split normally. No, we have to slowly slide down into it. Fun. Fun. I haven’t even tried the king cobra yet. Now you’ve got me curious.


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