May 12, 2015

Back from the adult beginning ballet class! It felt so good to dance again.

During adagio in the centre, my teacher reminded us to lift our knee high in developpés after passé and before extending to get our leg as high as possible. Reminder to myself to work on back flexibility AND strength to be able to lift my leg behind me higher without leaning my torso forward.

We also practiced a sequence across the floor that was three grand jetés into piqué arabesque, then run & prep for the left side and repeat. I liked that we were able to practice our artistry with the arms and épaulement (upper torso + head movement) in this combination and its preparations. The preparation for this combo was starting in B+, then doing temps lié back into a front tendu. Not sure if there’s a specific name for it, but those are the individual movements!

Phew, it’s hard to use accurate terms to describe these things! I keep having to avoid cramming French terms into English verb tenses…”temps lié-ing”? “Passé-ing”?

It’s getting closer to graduation and I’m stoked to see my friends, some of whom I haven’t seen since last fall semester! It’s also going to be the last time in a long time, maybe ever, that I see some of my friends and peers. Sadness. But let’s focus on the positive. Goodnight lovely people!


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