Saturday at the clinic

Clinical volunteering today went by smoothly and was less busy in the afternoon than usual. The last hour there were no patients so we–all the medical assistants and externs–were talking about childbirth and those who had kids compared experiences. Thanks for frightening me, guys!

Although it’s an urgent care clinic, we rarely get cases where the person’s appearance and condition raise red flags, in which case we refer them to the emergency room of the hospital across the street. Today, there was a man who walked in with chest pains and appeared to be sweating and clutching his chest, which could potentially be very serious. However, he had the symptoms for a few days, meaning it was likely not an acute emergency, so the doc decided he could bring him in.

They ran an EKG and drew blood to be analyzed immediately, but I think eventually the doc still decided the patient should go to the hospital. I guess in this case going straight to the ER would’ve been a better choice for him, although the doc was probably able to rule out some causes. Next time I need to remember to follow up with the doctor to find out what happens with these more interesting cases!

P.S. I wondered if this story would be violating HIPAA or some aspect of patient privacy, but then I remembered I have such little identifying info on here that it would be impossible to pinpoint this patient. So it stays!

Also, I’m still trying to figure out the difference between categories and menu items on WordPress…at least this is easier than when I attempted to use tumblr!


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