Summer Intensives

On Saturdays, I volunteer from 9-5 at an urgent care clinic doing various tasks of a medical assistant, such as taking people’s vital signs and bringing them to their rooms and processing blood samples to be sent off to the lab. I love when I am actually busy at the clinic and when I meet patients who are open to talking to me.

I should go to bed so I won’t be tired at the clinic tomorrow but I’m having so much fun with my new blog! My new blog that probably no one will see! I think I’ll make this post about ballet.

At the end of February, I noticed a flyer at my old dance studio, the one closest to where I live. It was for the summer intensive, which has 4 different levels and is open to ages up to 25. Sweeet, my age qualifies! I called up my best friend, who also dances (way more than I do and in different styles) and geeked out over taking a chance and auditioning.

A few days before the audition, I started to have doubts. The auditions went by age group, which meant we’d be with the highest level students at that studio. What if I went in and didn’t know most of the moves? What if I couldn’t remember any combinations? I was afraid of being embarrassed. It was a good thing my best friend decided to come, because I might not have gathered enough courage to go through with it if I were on my own.

The morning of the audition, I secured my bun, put on my plain black camisole leotard, and headed to the studio. There were a few other girls from different studios – we could easily be identified by our black leotards. The class/audition started, and we took our places in the center at some portable barres. The good thing about the large class size is that anywhere I looked, I had someone to follow if I couldn’t remember the combinations, and man did I need that, it was so fast paced. I did my best to appear like I knew what I was doing.

Then came centre. I remember it being very difficult to carry out the combinations even though I was in the last group and was able to watch a few groups execute the movements ahead of me. There were definitely some jumps that I hadn’t even learned. But I did what I could with grace, I think, so that’s that! The last half hour of the class was pointework, so my best friend and I waited as every single other girl put on her pointe shoes, lol. I think this part was a little easier to keep up with, since we just followed along in soft shoes, but still way more advanced than my current skill.

I remember there being a few girls who were just AMAZING – a few from the studio we were at, and one from another school. After the class, my best friend and I left happy that we auditioned. It was, after all, a great class. We left and proceeded to devour some sandwiches.

Five days later, I got an email. Accepted!! I was so ridiculously excited. I learned that my best friend was accepted too, but I already knew she would be if I had been. The email said that level placement would be decided at the beginning of the intensive. I was so grateful just for the chance to participate in a ballet summer intensive when I thought I would for sure be above the age limit and below the skill level required to make it. At this point, I am planning to do it for two weeks out of the four, since my work is extremely flexible, but I don’t want to be out for too long. It’s about 30 hours a week, even in the lowest level, so…hope I don’t die. Wooo!


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