Hey gullies!

I’ve been reading some blogs from the adult ballet community and decided on a whim to make my own blog. In addition to my efforts to become a better dancer, one of my main passions and goals in life is to become a doctor.

Growing up, I was imbued with a sense of responsibility to serve my community, mainly because of my experience as a Girl Scout from ages 6 to 18 (cookies weren’t our only focus!) and because of the values my Catholic high school taught, though I am not religious. I guess it became a part of me, because when I got to college, I couldn’t imagine pursuing a career that didn’t directly involve improving people’s lives. The summer before junior year of college, I decided that becoming a physician would allow me to combine my interests and skills in the best possible way, and I went into full on pre-med mode, taking the MCAT and finishing up class requirements. Currently, I’m in a gap year-and-a-half and working on my primary application for medical school, which is just the beginning of this looong year-long process of essay-writing, interviews (fingers crossed), and decisions. I will hopefully be matriculating fall of 2016, if everything goes well! I’ll be posting about my daily life, which includes details about my job as an intern/research assistant at the hospital neonatal ICU and my inspirations for choosing medicine as a career.

Now dancing is something that waltzed its way back into my life quite recently. I took ballet lessons from the ages of 12 to 14, but quit during freshman year of high school because of a family medical emergency. I also felt like I had hit a dead end with ballet. I had been taking preparatory ballet classes with kids younger than me at the school attached to my city’s ballet company. When it came time to move onto the main track of classes for kids and teens, I was placed in the open teen/adult classes, rather than the first level of the more serious track. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I started to wonder why I was placed in these classes while girls similar to me in age and in the same prep class got to move on. Eventually, I started to feel like I just wasn’t good enough, or I was too tall, too old, or something. So I lost interest enough to quit, in addition to the difficulty for my parents to keep driving me to class while my high school was already such a commute every day.

If only I knew how many other studios were out there, how many other opportunities there were to learn dance. After a hiatus lasting all the way until I graduated from college and returned home this January, I started to take lessons again. I tried out an adult class at my old school, but found it too crowded with not enough instruction. I tried another studio that is very close to my home, but alas, it only has one adult class a week, and one that moves quite slowly. I loved the people there, as they were very friendly, but I wanted to learn at a faster pace and take more classes per week.

Finally, I tried out a new-ish studio at the end of February, founded about a year ago, and knew that’s where I would stay. The studio sizes were small, but that also meant class sizes were limited to ~10 and typically are less than that, and our teacher is great about correcting and challenging us. He teaches all the classes too, so there’s that sense of continuity. I take a one hour class 3x a week, although I wish I could take many more!

Feel free to follow these posts about my life. I’ll probably post about random topics because this is mainly here for me to articulate my thoughts!


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